Baby Ezekiel.

Our baby boy Ezekiel passed away 3 weeks ago. Lord the Father was there every minute of our suffering and cried with us. He knows it all as His only Son died for all of us. ‘God uses valleys, not bridges’ - Leif Hetland On a beautiful day, 25th of August, God blessed Shaun … Continue reading Baby Ezekiel.

Vamos, vamos! Lets fly away!

An unexpected post, following up on my participation in a contest organised by Latam Airlines 🙂 I have only submitted my application and still few months till they announce the winner, but you gotta dream big, right?!! 😀 You can help me make my dreams come true by clicking here and clicking like in the top right … Continue reading Vamos, vamos! Lets fly away!

Mud is not all bad

Writing a second blog post meant to be easier, but doesn't seem so to me! 🙂 As shooting is not my daily routine yet, most of it is pretty random, depending on time, people availability (if they are involved! 😀 ) and weather conditions (although that's probably just an excuse! you can find a theme or … Continue reading Mud is not all bad