ONE™ is a project that has started out of finally becoming conscious that there is only one life to live. One life means one body you have, each and unique moment takes place just once, your health is given to you once, and so on. You are one and only, the way you are and independent to be (your potential and uniqueness).


One Body, One Life.


After working in a job I didn’t enjoy, minor health issues (that I thought stopped me from living it out as I wanted to), and some other toxic things in my life, after years of feel stack, I finally came to understanding it didn’t have to be that way. And that the phrase ‘you don’t find happiness, you create it’ stopped being something sounded like another cliche that never really sunk in, and became my mantra.

You can follow my attempts of living a conscious life here and here .

Also, a new journal feature is going to appear on my page 😉 Let me know if you’d like to combine energy and create something together. Open to projects in South East of England and remotely.


Few things I care about:


Surf & Kitesurf

DSC_0237 tarifa retro


DSC_0145 yoga cyan

Self-development & empowerment


Marine Life & the Environment Overall


Conscious Living & Consumerism



As part of my conscious living attempt,
I get involved with and support some good crowd:




The Fly Reel Company Logo


Read why here .

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