Cover photo by Jakub Nowotynski

ONE™ is a project that has initially started out as a lifestyle of finally becoming conscious that there is only one life to live (one life means one body, each and unique moment takes place just once, your health is given to you once, and so on. You are one and only, the way you are and intended to be).

This was when I still journeyed blind and deaf, looking for happiness, chasing dreams and doing what every respected hippy would do, do yoga, go to the sea and I say I found peace and happiness.

Then my life was turned upside down, everything crashed and I felt straight into the arms of Love who I sometimes Papa God.


Few things I like about:

Surf & Kitesurf
DSC_0237 tarifa retro
DSC_0145 yoga cyan
Self-development & empowerment
Marine Life & the Environment Overall

Conscious Living & Consumerism

As part of my conscious living attempt,
I get involved with and support some good crowd:
The Fly Reel Company Logo

Read why here .

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