NEW BUSINESS: Hi! If you are a new business or an individual that is about to enter the competitive market, you might want to think about creating a clear and attractive brand that will help you establish yourself among the competition, with confidence that costumers will see you as the obvious ‘go to’ when it comes to your niche. I can just give you few tips, do a deeper analysis of what you should do and how to proceed or even develop your brand with you, ensuring that it is in tune with you and it matches your vision for the business while being strong business wise and growth future sales.

ESTABLISHED BUSINESS: If you are an existing and well established business, but looking to grow your sales or increase market presence, you might want to look at how strong and recognised your brand is. Whether you wish to expend locally or on the international market, a strong professional and recognisable brand can help you build trust and build relationship with the right audience and in the future customers. I can give few some pointers, analyse your brand and prompt improvements or we can completely transform it.


Brand development:

  • Personal Brand
  • Companies
  • Venues


  • Brand promotion & brand awareness
  • Product & service promotion


  • Brand package (including logo and all visuals, brand’s vision and mission etc.)
  • Digital marketing (social media, online presence)
  • Traditional marketing (such as leaflets, business cards)
  • Direct sales and business development

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