Easter Celebration Kitesurfers’ Style

Kitesurfing has introduced me to some great people and moments that made me feel like home. I’m forever thankful that in this wonderfully random way I have become part of a community that I can be me with, while immersing myself in completely new experiences and discovering all hidden corners of who I am and grow to be.

With the above in mind, what’s better way to spend Easter Weekend, celebrating life and love, than with my new found family! Here’s some snaps of how Wales and Welsh weather welcomed us. Don’t you love the passion that connects all those lovely people! Fun, beautiful weather (for the most part! lol) and so damn good ridding. Enjoy :*

The photos were taken at the Rhosneigr Beach, North Wales. Good spot for kitesurfing no matter your level. The little lagoon that is created when the tide is in is perfect for flat water sessions, for either beginners or those who would like to practice some new tricks in approachable conditions. Further in the sea, or away from the lagoon/when the lagoon is gone, good for all those who manage the board a bit better; waves for that extra something for those who like a little bit of more challenge and fun 🙂

Rhosneigr, North Wales 15-17/04/2017


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Red Nose Day & magic!

So today is the Red Nose Day ! My friend, brother and I decided to bring some magic back! For the kids and the kid in everyone of us! Peace & love; loads of love! 🙂

Kent UK 25/03/2017

Vamos, vamos! Lets fly away!

An unexpected post, following up on my participation in a contest organised by Latam Airlines 🙂 I have only submitted my application and still few months till they announce the winner, but you gotta dream big, right?!! 😀

You can help me make my dreams come true by clicking here and clicking like in the top right corner. And in the meantime, enjoy the read 😀 Thanks and fly high!

Hi! I am a Pole living in Kent, UK. Last year I made a big move -after years of dreaming I quit my city job, moved from London to a not so popular and deserted Kentish village, starting my countryside life as a wanna be freelancer! It took some guts and many thought I was crazy (those who ever went after the ‘big life’, ‘big career’ etc. will understand), but many were very supportive, seeing in my decision something they’ve always wanted to do, chase their dreams.

I decided to work on developing life I am happy with every day. Not just on holidays, weekend or when I can afford buying something big and expensive. At the moment I live in my village house, work from home as a freelance business consultant, and every free moment spend on my photography projects, designing a clothing line and learning yoga aiming to do a teaching training course. I go outdoors just pretty much whenever I can as that really truly inspires me and energises me. You could pretty much summarise my life as home working, frequent weekends by the beach, occasional evening paddle boarding, and trips, lots of trips! Mostly to wherever there’s sea, ocean or just any sort of nature. I’ve recently fell in love with Tarifa, Spain. Hippy, relaxed, open and passionate people crazy about kitesurfing and surfing. This trip sped up my process of reorganising my life. The aim is to live wild and free, doing my projects all over the world, exploring hidden jams, surfing, kitesurfing, yoging and inspiring people to follow their dreams no matter how crazy or unreasonable they may seem to others. I have been called a child and asked when I’m planning to grow up, but I’ll leave all that to all the people who enjoy the rat race while I’m wandering around Amazon forrest, or kitesurfing in Mexico. I also believe happy people are more powerful and creative, and that opens paths bringing some good to this world. I’m super exited about it.

In terms of Latin America, in all honesty, before I saw the contest I had always been fixated about kitesurfing in lagoons of Brazil and seeing at least once in my life the beauty of the Amazon forest. Only when I read about your contest I went deeper, did research and on my gosh, it’s a shame I can only pick 3 countries! But nothing is lost, at least I have now a detailed plan of where I want to go! But about it in a moment. Firstly, I would like to say few words of why I should be going there at all, apart from the obvious! I believe travel breathes life into our hearts. It really pushes our boundaries. I don’t mean the resort type travel with 5 star cocktails and hotels. I mean the type where you explore places, walk for hours, talk to people, try things, sometimes get uncomfortable and tired, then see beauty you have never seen before, places you never knew existed. And despite all that you feel like home and feel yourself despite of being miles away from your family and a place you actually call home on a daily basis.
It inspires. I wasn’t even aware until recent my crazy trips and decisions truly inspired people to change something in their lives. Oh how I want to do more of anything that does that. Sounds corny, but inspiring others really inspires me and makes me remember while I have done what I’ve done with my regular life in those tougher moments. Finally, all the projects I am working on come to life when travel involved. In my services and products I really want to represent a lifestyle that speaks freedom and happiness, that encourages to not only chase dreams but actually to catch and live them!

Here’s few dreamy thoughts on what caught my eye (heart) in Latin America:

– El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve for the wildlife and desert like plains
– Chiapas for the majestic mountains and river trips through jungle-like views
– Tulum for culture and hidden beaches

– Maya beach for a touch of paradise

– Havana to understand and to be a part of their history for a brief moment

– To show the world its beauty and support its economy

Costa Rica
– Penisula Papagayo & Manuel Antonio to go on a hike and a dip in waters away from resorts

– Guyana Rainforest for the waterfalls, wildlife and to feel like Indiana Jones but without a particular mission in mind

– Amazon Forest to see nature human still hasn’t managed to completely damage, wild, green and wonderful
– Eastern coast – kitesurfing lagoons near Salvador and Fortaleza to catch the wind in one of the best kiting spots and chill with likeminded people
– Serra Dos Orgaos National Park to hike mountains that blow my mind, camp and see the sunrise from the best spots

– Machu Picchu for the culture and making a pause to learn more about humanity across decades and centuries

– Andes to hike and push my limits

– North coast for a surf
– Patagonia to hike, reflect and slow down for a bit

– Northern coast for beaches to get some sun on the white sands of Argentina

Falkland Islands
To just be in remote places of the islands. How often do we have a chance to just be, with no target or plan in mind?

Why just going on a adventure, if our entire life can be an adventure? We were made for more, so lets be that and live that!

My best wishes to all of you who read this and the Latam Team! 🙂

Ps.: Latam in Polish is to fly; so lets fly 🙂

Wildlife at your service

Seeking paradise, consciously and unconsciously, intentionally and pushed by our instincts. While contributing to distraction of what that paradise is, our souls, our earth, our purpose … Go back to the basics, and see the paradise you were created for, now and in the eternity 💙

This post was inspired unexpectedly and by an event that encouraged me to stop and think about aspects of our living that seem naturally close to me/us, but not as intentionally considered.

I would like to start on a positive note though 🙂 Nature is amazing, it’s complex, rich, provides great wealth to our lives and is beautiful (very important as it’s nice to have something good look at ;P )The flora, the fauna, the ocean and how it’s all tuned with each other. [Random fact: I have a little tattoo of a wave on my wrist – some trees, mountains and maybe a little sloth wouldn’t hurt too lol)

There’s approximately 8.7 million species on earth (CoML), all different and beautiful  in their unique ways; 93% of earth habitat space is ocean (Sand Cloud), and there’s over 3 trillion trees on earth (CNN). Can you imagine the richness of it all? Amazing!

Hippos – one of the strongest and largest out of the animal kingdom occupying habitat on the land; aggressive and fast despite of misinterpretation of their nature due to their stereotypically relaxed lifestyle and short legs. Zebras – all with unique stripe patterns, like humans finger prints, with an excellent eyesight and hearing, confusing colourblind predators with their skin patterns used as camouflage. Elephants – love water and can swim! They carry their babies in their bellies for 22 months before they are born, and live in matriarchal family groups (interesting, huh? 😉 ). And that’s only the beginning 😉

This is how I saw nature on my January trip to Fuerteventura. Up close, beautiful, special 🙂

IMG_7225 edit

IMG_7227 edit

IMG_7217 edit

IMG_7226 edit

IMG_7228 edit

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IMG_7054 edit

The photos haven’t been done in the wild. My friend and I took a trip to a place which we expected to be a mini safari. It appeared to be a zoo. In all honesty it was my first trip to a zoo. The entrance was beautiful and maintained to the highest standards. When we got in we were slightly confused on where to go and how it all works. It was meant to be a safari, so where are the animals, and where do we go or how do we stay safe among the wildlife?

One of the first species we saw was some kind of a turtle. Initially, I didn’t take too many photos trying to digest the reality of a zoo, which if you downgrade it from wildlife or a safari, there is plenty to get over.

IMG_6985 edit

Don’t get me wrong, I understand zoos try to provide habitat that would mimic the natural one, and protect the animals from the evil that ambushes in the wild, whether it’s hunters or environmental issues. So I took a closer glance. I didn’t want to judge, I wanted to understand and make up my mind. I believe with all the neglect we treat the earth, we should be making an effort to fix what we ruin, and if zoos did that, I’d need to appreciate it and support it. So I continued the journey …

IMG_7245 edit

IMG_7249 edit

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IMG_7265 edit 2

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IMG_7224 edit

One zoo in Fuerteventura claims: ‘We build enclosures and recreate natural habitats to contribute to the breeding of some species.’ But do cages and fences truly unable animals to live as they would in their natural habitat or even close to that?

Giving an example, gazelles in natural world, live on open plains with ability to run 40 miles an hour. They might be safer protected from the predators  when in zoos, but surely they do not have room to live to their full potential and what they physically were created for. Similarly, elephants’s (african elephant is the largest land animal on earth) or other larger animals. Elephants tend to live in groups, forming family bonds with 8 or even 100 individuals. Zoo I visited had 3 elephants at most in a very constrained and concrete fenced area. The animals seemed lethargic and scared, hiding behind poles and buildings.

Animals were being fed, with no shortage of nutrition, however, no animal exercised their skills in terms of food pursuit, or other natural and instinct led abilities. Many was clinging to fences, camels carrying heavy iron seats ready to take on tourist for a ride. I could see sadness in the elephants’ eyes, and annoyance in hippos stare.

While zoos take on a responsibility of education the public about the wildlife and its preservation, from my observation the main aspect of the visit seemed to be flashing photos with giraffes and stroking reptiles at the live shows, being on schedule for the tourist to enjoy them, being carried around like pets.

Zoos breed and prevent species from extinction, but is returning to the wild and protecting the wild really happening and is an actual zoos’ intention? Is caging animals for the purpose of education and entertainment the right thing to do? Can the right treatment of animals in zoos, something we all believe we claim to ensure and give animals on the contrary to the wild natural habitat, be guaranteed? And can animals live their purpose when being taken out of their  natural setting? Can they fly, run, hunt and be what they were created to be? Can we sustain wildlife when it’s not wild anymore?

I understand many people will disagree with me, as I saw tens and hundreds of people going through the same zoo, happy to see encaged monkeys, and chained camels; laughing and taking selfies. But I hope some can see in the photos what I saw, enough to begin to wonder.


Fuerteventura, Canary Islands Spain 14-18/01/2017

Hello, FuerteVentura!

So this post is not really in order (see here), but here it is, my recent FuerteVentura [trip] ! 🙂

The trip had been on my mind since I visited Tarifa in October. Tarifa stole my heart and if it wasn’t for me being so calculated (that’s the responsible part of me 😉 ), I would probably be planning my move already. Instead, I decided to explore few more places and do some more research on when I could have my second base (about my plans on moving/having another base somewhere outside of the UK some other time). Fuerteventura seemed like an obvious place to include on my list: sun, ocean, kitesurfing and a lot of open space 🙂

I booked the trip without thinking too much (sorry Monika – my sis in law – for missing your birthday!), giving my friend few minutes to decide if she wants to join (by the way, you’re all welcome to join me on my ventures, but I warn you, decisions are made quickly! 😀 ).

The idea was to explore the place, try to get on with some kitesurfing and see how I feel there, if it can be in fact my second home.

We arrived to pretty chilly weather (jackets required), with my friend limping, trying to get on with the adventure, when we found out the car we had hired online didn’t exist! (be ware of Car del Mar ! Never book through them!). Luckily, after queuing for quite a bit for no reason, and jumping from a desk to a desk, PayLess came to the rescue.  Reliable, cars in good condition and good customer services (which we needed badly after our not so great experience with Car del Mar!).

My friend volunteered to get on with driving us to Costa Calma, where we booked our hotel (Matas Blancas – not a bad place, fairly good price in comparison with other choices we had, I wouldn’t give it 4 stars, as they claim to be, but I couldn’t complain about anything really, maybe apart from a little chill; some heating would be good 😛 ).


The roads in Fuerte are wide and new, good signposting and practically impossible to get lost if you follow the main road (one main road through the island! 😀 ). One thing to keep in mind: many roads are new, and they continuously work on them, old ones are closed and some of the new ones just end with no warning! It was pretty hilarious when some Spaniards saw us driving into the dust at the end of a road somewhere on the way to Costa Calma! 😀



End of the road!
SatNav being well confused 😉

As the trip happened in January it was completely offseason. Super quite and (not sure if that’s the norm) the tourists were mostly  in the 50 plus age range. We got to the place very quickly, the entire island is so small that you could drive in 2 hours from one to another 🙂 The town was very quite, practically no cars, and very few people on the streets. As it appears to be a resort town, we shouldn’t have been surprised. Very different picture to what we saw in Tarifa. The road to the town was dusty, surrounded by dry volcanic mountains and hills. Landscape like from a road film, pretty picturesque and relaxing.

The town was pretty, very clean, but something was different to what I experienced in Tarifa … perhaps the sense of community, free, fun, chasing the waves … But lets give it a chance!

Once we settled we went on to explore a bit, but as it was offseason, not much was going on (or so I would assume there’s more going on in peak time). During our stay we managed to find an Irish pub that serves German stew, something that was closest to a surf bar which was off a main road in the centre of town, tried one of the best Italian pizzas in a restaurant near by and befriended an owner of a great restaurant with cool decor in a boring looking shopping centre (you’d be surprised what you can find when you’re lucky enough; truly recommend B-Side Cafe Fuerteventura, for some good food and chilled music nights). So to summarise, the town was very quiet, but enough to have some nice food and spend some chilled time with great music (thanks, PowLean!) in the evenings, for us to have energy to explore the rest of the island during the day.

The island as a whole seemed a very chilled and quiet place, partly due to offseason period, but partly to the atmospheric landscape, mountains and hills, wide roads, all browny and with the ocean poking out in-between the peaks. All you need is good road music, a car and time. And drive …

[Some music here so you get the idea 😉 ]

In all honesty, the town didn’t steal my heart, but the moment we left the so called resort town, I felt freedom. The deserted lands and the closeness of the ocean wherever you go, the sun on my face, and the reality that we could drive almost anywhere in the island and find a place of peace and quiet; raw and accepting, because the best parts of Furteventura come with no ticket desks, gates and crowds …












Sunrise in Costa Calma

Being from a kitesurfers’ circle, we went to checkout the Sotavento Beach, visited local schools for classes and equipment hire, and organised our days around the wind and tide forecast (only surfers and kitesurfers will understand that! lol). By the way, if any beginner kitesurfers are looking to book classes in Fuerte, we used ION Furteventura and were very happy with the class and the instructor. However, be careful booking your trips in the winter time as the wind is not very predictable, and you might end up surfing (oh, ‘cos that’s so terrible 😉 ) in a nearby La Pared (beautiful place! Post about it is coming up!).

Now enjoy few photos and dream on … or better, book a flight …

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands Spain 14-18/01/2017


Naughty kiteboarders 😀




Rene Egli Centre


Boys on their turf



Injuries won’t stop us! 😉


Adventures ask for no age
Till the sun goes down



Beauty of a wreck

Wreck is probably a strong word, but this little town in the middle of one of the Canary Islands is not your usual resort town. Even myself and my friend left the trip till our last day on Fuerteventura, thinking a couple of hours is enough to explore all the main spots central island has to offer.

The drive there was interesting, as we took a less obvious route, through older and narrower roads. Up and down, with loads if twist, like a weird serpentine (as if roads couldn’t be built as a straight line), we drove through places that probably by locals are considered as major villages, but it looked more like deserted pieces of lands with few house or haciendas.

We had two main spots that we really wanted to stop at. First on the map was Tuineje. In all honesty we stayed there only to get some fresh air (some less fresh than others :P) and get changed (you would be surprised how cold it can get; well do be fair, it was middle of January! 🙂 ). I wish we wandered a bit more, but the spirits were quite low so we headed to the next point on the map, Antigua.

I was slightly confused about the name, as it seems that there is another Antigua, in the Caribbean, and it’s a very different place 😉

And there we are, Antigua. We arrived, drove up the road, and we realised we’ve just passed the sign showing we are leaving the town! Yes, the thought was: that’s it? We have to turn around! We didn’t make all the way for a two minute drive through town 😛

We left our car by a little shop that looked like a little convenience store in a quite village in the middle of nowhere in some action movie, and we went for a stroll.

Antigua might not be for everyone (my friend was glad when my camera battery died! 😀 ), but I got sucked in! I wandered, I explored, I took million photos. The atmosphere, the quiet streets, scrappy buildings, just locals. No luxury, no touristic vibe. Just streets, few empty cafes, and one surveniour shop. I could imagine that if 007 wanted a break, he could easily take a break here.

I am starting backwards with the Fuerte story. So enjoy part one – the last day on the Furteventura island – Antigua.

BTW Fuerte is a small island. If you ever visit, don’t be afraid to drive around and look for little jams, as the roads are in good conditions and the distances are so small, you can probably visit the whole place in one or two days (obviously I recommend more than that!). Also, a little advice, if wanting to see some off-road places, definitely rent a bigger, ideally a SUV or 4×4 🙂 The island is post volcanic, with very dusty mountain roads. Be sure your rented car is insured on those roads (our insurance covered only driving on the major roads).

Ps.: We drove around with a little Fiat Panda and was able to get to places thanks to PayLess Car. There’ll be more about how we rented a car that didn’t exist in my next post. For now just a big thank you to PayLess for saving our trip. I highly recommend 🙂

Tuineje & Antigua, Fuerteventura Spain, 18/01/2017

On the road
That road we drove through Antigue in a minute 😉
Cuban accents


Scrappy buildings
4×4 best choice for the roads
Empty Streets


External electric fuse? 😉
Bored Paula 🙂
Monastery on the hill
Church bells
Palms never get old
Beauty of a wreck

Mud is not all bad

Writing a second blog post meant to be easier, but doesn’t seem so to me! 🙂

As shooting is not my daily routine yet, most of it is pretty random, depending on time, people availability (if they are involved! 😀 ) and weather conditions (although that’s probably just an excuse! you can find a theme or a way to shoot whenever, lets be honest about it 😉 ). So here is a little evidence of a walk I had with my family earlier this month.

I really wanted the shooting to happen in the woods, however it appeared, my nephew was less keen. Imagine a child that asks you to wipe his hands and clean his shoes from mud! 😀 He’s hilarious.

So at the end, I ended up running after my nephew, sister in law and brother, trying to take at least few non blurry photos, while my brother and sister in law were trying to keep my nephew from face planting on the mud – pretty regular family photoshoot I guess 😀 A good zoom lens was a saviour, considering the running around, but also for capturing more natural poses, especially of my sister in law, who despite her good looks gets a bit camera shy 🙂

Blean Woods National Nature Reserve, Kent UK 03/01/2017
























Why just dreaming?

Hello everyone! I thought it would be very appropriate for the first post to be a little introduction of myself 🙂

I am a very organised hippy, living in the countryside, who loves the sea despite of very poor swimming skills and until recent quite significant fear of water! Yes yes, I know it’s all very contradictory, but that’s pretty much sums me up 😉

A few months ago I made a decision to move from London to the Kentish countryside. It took many years of growing into the decision (completely subconsciously!) and few panic attacks to make that move, but it must be one of the best decisions of my life 🙂 The move was the beginning of life that’s centred around living NOW, being myself, growth in the areas that are true to me rather than social expectations and inspiring others to authentic life and quitting the ‘should’ (and replacing it with the ‘be’). So after years of doing what I thought I ‘should’, I try to ‘be’ more authentic and conscious about my daily life. This being said, it’s not all that serious 🙂 it means it’s the first time when I try to relax and enjoy the ride 😉

… as it’s not about the pursuit of happiness, but the happiness of pursuit’ (paraphrased from ‘Hector and the search for happiness’)

Thinking about what photos would be the best for the first post, I decided on the below 🙂 A trip to Camber with friends that are part of my journey, with passion (kitesurfing) that allowed me to open up to many fantastic people and the sea that’s always part of my heart.

This was also the beginning of understanding of my own style in photography. Nowhere near the dream I’m aiming for but hey, it’s a journey, right?! 🙂

Camber Sands, East Sussex UK 27/08/2016