Easter Celebration Kitesurfers’ Style

Kitesurfing has introduced me to some great people and moments that made me feel like home. I’m forever thankful that in this wonderfully random way I have become part of a community that I can be me with, while immersing myself in completely new experiences and discovering all hidden corners of who I am and grow to be.

With the above in mind, what’s better way to spend Easter Weekend, celebrating life and love, than with my new found family! Here’s some snaps of how Wales and Welsh weather welcomed us. Don’t you love the passion that connects all those lovely people! Fun, beautiful weather (for the most part! lol) and so damn good ridding. Enjoy :*

The photos were taken at the Rhosneigr Beach, North Wales. Good spot for kitesurfing no matter your level. The little lagoon that is created when the tide is in is perfect for flat water sessions, for either beginners or those who would like to practice some new tricks in approachable conditions. Further in the sea, or away from the lagoon/when the lagoon is gone, good for all those who manage the board a bit better; waves for that extra something for those who like a little bit of more challenge and fun 🙂

Rhosneigr, North Wales 15-17/04/2017


IMG_7446 edit

IMG_7478 edit

IMG_7549 edit

IMG_7770 edit



IMG_7710 edit

IMG_7804 edit

IMG_8022 edit

IMG_8360 edit

IMG_7796 edit

IMG_7811 edit

IMG_8253 edit

IMG_8101 edit

IMG_8032 edit

IMG_8019 edit

IMG_8008 edit

IMG_8110 edit



IMG_8201 edit

IMG_8203 edit

IMG_8233 edit

IMG_8236 edit

IMG_8238 edit

IMG_8260 editIMG_8262 editIMG_8266 edit

IMG_8275 edit

IMG_8276 edit 2

IMG_8277 edit

IMG_8282 edit

IMG_8288 edit

IMG_8289 edit

IMG_8292 edit

IMG_8295 edit

IMG_8298 edit

IMG_8299 edit

IMG_8300 edit

IMG_8307 editIMG_8311 edit

IMG_8313 edit

IMG_8317 edit

IMG_8320 edit

IMG_8324 edit

IMG_8327 edit

IMG_8331 edit

IMG_8330 edit

IMG_8361 edit

IMG_8356 edit

IMG_8341 edit

IMG_8332 edit

IMG_8335 edit

IMG_7573 edit


IMG_8126 edit

IMG_8094 edit

IMG_7652 edit

IMG_7623 edit


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