Vamos, vamos! Lets fly away!

An unexpected post, following up on my participation in a contest organised by Latam Airlines 🙂 I have only submitted my application and still few months till they announce the winner, but you gotta dream big, right?!! 😀

You can help me make my dreams come true by clicking here and clicking like in the top right corner. And in the meantime, enjoy the read 😀 Thanks and fly high!

Hi! I am a Pole living in Kent, UK. Last year I made a big move -after years of dreaming I quit my city job, moved from London to a not so popular and deserted Kentish village, starting my countryside life as a wanna be freelancer! It took some guts and many thought I was crazy (those who ever went after the ‘big life’, ‘big career’ etc. will understand), but many were very supportive, seeing in my decision something they’ve always wanted to do, chase their dreams.

I decided to work on developing life I am happy with every day. Not just on holidays, weekend or when I can afford buying something big and expensive. At the moment I live in my village house, work from home as a freelance business consultant, and every free moment spend on my photography projects, designing a clothing line and learning yoga aiming to do a teaching training course. I go outdoors just pretty much whenever I can as that really truly inspires me and energises me. You could pretty much summarise my life as home working, frequent weekends by the beach, occasional evening paddle boarding, and trips, lots of trips! Mostly to wherever there’s sea, ocean or just any sort of nature. I’ve recently fell in love with Tarifa, Spain. Hippy, relaxed, open and passionate people crazy about kitesurfing and surfing. This trip sped up my process of reorganising my life. The aim is to live wild and free, doing my projects all over the world, exploring hidden jams, surfing, kitesurfing, yoging and inspiring people to follow their dreams no matter how crazy or unreasonable they may seem to others. I have been called a child and asked when I’m planning to grow up, but I’ll leave all that to all the people who enjoy the rat race while I’m wandering around Amazon forrest, or kitesurfing in Mexico. I also believe happy people are more powerful and creative, and that opens paths bringing some good to this world. I’m super exited about it.

In terms of Latin America, in all honesty, before I saw the contest I had always been fixated about kitesurfing in lagoons of Brazil and seeing at least once in my life the beauty of the Amazon forest. Only when I read about your contest I went deeper, did research and on my gosh, it’s a shame I can only pick 3 countries! But nothing is lost, at least I have now a detailed plan of where I want to go! But about it in a moment. Firstly, I would like to say few words of why I should be going there at all, apart from the obvious! I believe travel breathes life into our hearts. It really pushes our boundaries. I don’t mean the resort type travel with 5 star cocktails and hotels. I mean the type where you explore places, walk for hours, talk to people, try things, sometimes get uncomfortable and tired, then see beauty you have never seen before, places you never knew existed. And despite all that you feel like home and feel yourself despite of being miles away from your family and a place you actually call home on a daily basis.
It inspires. I wasn’t even aware until recent my crazy trips and decisions truly inspired people to change something in their lives. Oh how I want to do more of anything that does that. Sounds corny, but inspiring others really inspires me and makes me remember while I have done what I’ve done with my regular life in those tougher moments. Finally, all the projects I am working on come to life when travel involved. In my services and products I really want to represent a lifestyle that speaks freedom and happiness, that encourages to not only chase dreams but actually to catch and live them!

Here’s few dreamy thoughts on what caught my eye (heart) in Latin America:

– El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve for the wildlife and desert like plains
– Chiapas for the majestic mountains and river trips through jungle-like views
– Tulum for culture and hidden beaches

– Maya beach for a touch of paradise

– Havana to understand and to be a part of their history for a brief moment

– To show the world its beauty and support its economy

Costa Rica
– Penisula Papagayo & Manuel Antonio to go on a hike and a dip in waters away from resorts

– Guyana Rainforest for the waterfalls, wildlife and to feel like Indiana Jones but without a particular mission in mind

– Amazon Forest to see nature human still hasn’t managed to completely damage, wild, green and wonderful
– Eastern coast – kitesurfing lagoons near Salvador and Fortaleza to catch the wind in one of the best kiting spots and chill with likeminded people
– Serra Dos Orgaos National Park to hike mountains that blow my mind, camp and see the sunrise from the best spots

– Machu Picchu for the culture and making a pause to learn more about humanity across decades and centuries

– Andes to hike and push my limits

– North coast for a surf
– Patagonia to hike, reflect and slow down for a bit

– Northern coast for beaches to get some sun on the white sands of Argentina

Falkland Islands
To just be in remote places of the islands. How often do we have a chance to just be, with no target or plan in mind?

Why just going on a adventure, if our entire life can be an adventure? We were made for more, so lets be that and live that!

My best wishes to all of you who read this and the Latam Team! 🙂

Ps.: Latam in Polish is to fly; so lets fly 🙂

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