Why just dreaming?

Hello everyone! I thought it would be very appropriate for the first post to be a little introduction of myself 🙂

I am a very organised hippy, living in the countryside, who loves the sea despite of very poor swimming skills and until recent quite significant fear of water! Yes yes, I know it’s all very contradictory, but that’s pretty much sums me up 😉

A few months ago I made a decision to move from London to the Kentish countryside. It took many years of growing into the decision (completely subconsciously!) and few panic attacks to make that move, but it must be one of the best decisions of my life 🙂 The move was the beginning of life that’s centred around living NOW, being myself, growth in the areas that are true to me rather than social expectations and inspiring others to authentic life and quitting the ‘should’ (and replacing it with the ‘be’). So after years of doing what I thought I ‘should’, I try to ‘be’ more authentic and conscious about my daily life. This being said, it’s not all that serious 🙂 it means it’s the first time when I try to relax and enjoy the ride 😉

… as it’s not about the pursuit of happiness, but the happiness of pursuit’ (paraphrased from ‘Hector and the search for happiness’)

Thinking about what photos would be the best for the first post, I decided on the below 🙂 A trip to Camber with friends that are part of my journey, with passion (kitesurfing) that allowed me to open up to many fantastic people and the sea that’s always part of my heart.

This was also the beginning of understanding of my own style in photography. Nowhere near the dream I’m aiming for but hey, it’s a journey, right?! 🙂

Camber Sands, East Sussex UK 27/08/2016



















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